A New Political Candidate with a Passion to Serve Her Community

Meet Dr. Jumelle Brooks, candidate for SC House District 12. As an educator and a mother, she understands the struggles our young people face as they prepare to enter adulthood. Jumelle is a fierce advocate for equitable resources, protecting public education, and gender equality. She’s also co-host of “Black, White, and Blue in the South,” a lively blue podcast in a very red state.


After getting to know Jumelle and learning more about her campaign, we knew her logo needed to be bold and stand out in what would eventually be a sea of yard signs. We chose a geometric sans serif font for sharp lines and a very even feel. 

For this 3-color design, we chose a bright eye-catching combination of blue and red to acknowledge the fact that Jumelle will work to represent everyone in her district, not just the Democratic constituents. A darker blue was used for the “SC House District 12” to bring everything together and provide a solid foundation for the logo.

Web Design

In 2022, District 12’s Democratic incumbent lost by only 600 votes only because of low voter turnout. We want every able voter to turn out on election day, so we developed a website that not only highlights Jumelle’s strengths as a candidate but also acts as a powerful voter registration tool. A key focus of the website is providing information and links to help voters register and locate their designated voting place.

We placed Jumelle’s “About” section at the top of the landing page to give viewers an opportunity to get to know her a little better. Links and references to her opponent’s voting record are included so viewers can see for themselves why their vote is so important. Following this, we added links to voter registration and other SC voter resources to make getting out the vote as effortless as possible.

Take some time to visit Jumelle’s website and show your support. 


Successful marketing for political campaign requires more than a website. You’ll need to run print ads, social media campaigns, have handout materials ready for every event, as well as other branded assets to be sure voters know who you are and what you stand for.

For Jumelle’s campaign marketing strategy, we’ve worked with her to design various print and digital display advertisements, event resources such as banners and tablecloths, informational resources to give to interested voters, and even some swag to help increase campaign donations. Here are a few examples of designs we’ve developed to showcase Jumelle’s brand for her campaign. 

Print ad released to correlate with Jumelle’s official filing event. We use a QR Code as a tool to measure the ROI of each print advertisement in Google Analytics, which helps Jumelle make the most of her marketing budget. 

Bookmark (front and back) used as an event handout. This is a usable item that gives people quick and easy access to a volunteer form, as well as donation link to encourage campaign support. 

6 ft. retractable banner displayed at campaign events. 

Marketing Support for Your Political Campaign

You need to reach as many supporters as possible in your efforts to bring change to our government. We believe in fully supporting our political candidates and political organizations that are fighting to make our communities a better, safer, and more inclusive home for our families. We understand campaigns are funded by donations so we offer flexible payment options for our candidates.

To show our support for your campaign, we will discount the startup costs if the Dems lost your district in the last election. Schedule a convesation with us today to find out more.