Offering New Hope for Cancer Treatment

New Hope Unlimited is not your normal oncology center. Since early 2000, they have dedicated their lives to developing proprietary biological immunotherapies to treat over 260 types of cancer. New Hope’s treatment plans don’t center around the usual chemotherapy and radiation. Instead, their medical team utilizes the power of your body’s own immune system to attack the cancer cells. This results in outstanding success rates with very few negative side effects.

New Hope Unlimited has always been near and dear to our heart, as our very own Mark Guinn is a co-founder and former CEO. He will forever be an outspoken proponent of medical freedom and a patient’s ability to access the financial assistance necessary to pursue their treatment of choice.

Creating a Brand Patients and Their Families Can Trust

New Hope Medical Center

It can be difficult to stand out in the medical field. Look around, and you’ll see the same basic logos and colors, just different names. We wanted to be sure the New Hope brand was as distinguishable as its treatment options. 

Green is thought of as a “healing” color, so we wanted to use this as the focal point. Brown typically represents reliability and stability. The contrast against the green immediately brings attention to the word “Hope,” which is what the people of New Hope Unlimited want to offer their patients. The circles that cap the logo represent the various modalities that can be used in a holistic approach to medine, and form a circle around “Hope” to tie it all together. 

Developing a Business that Serves Its People

The Marketing Side of Medicine

We walk a fine line when marketing in the medical industry, and even more so when you are classified as alternative medicine. Each statement, every image, and all data represented must be accurate and adhere to guidelines established by the FCC, FDA, and other regulatory organizations. Creating marketing campaigns in the medical industry can be a daunting task. It takes knowledge and experience to be sure all materials are compliant before release to the public. 

For more than two decades, Mark has provided oversight for all of New Hope Unlimited’s marketing efforts. Also, he has been creating valuable content for New Hope throughout its existence. 

The Business Side of Medicine

As New Hope Unlimited has grown, so has its technology needs. we’ve overseen the custom development and implementation of various productivity tools that have allowed the New Hope staff to provide a gold standard of care to their patients worldwide. Some of these include Zoho One, a full management suite providing a robust CRM, social media tools, website integration, and more; RingCentral, a powerful VoIP that helps you respond to every call quickly and effectively; Microsoft Office Suite; and Google Workspace.

The Human Side of Medicine

Even though New Hope is technically a “business,” they’ve always been well known as one of the most compassionate and dedicated medical providers in the world. We’ve helped them achieve this by assisting with staff training that focuses on “people first” practices. In other words, if it is possible to find a way to help a patient or family member we’re going to make it happen. 

One of our greatest achievements with New Hope’s “people first” approach is the successful implementation of a flexible payment program for patient’s that cannot immediately afford treatment. Since these treatments aren’t normally covered by health insurance, many patients struggle to pay up front for services. Cancer treatment is an urgent need and patients don’t have time to wait for savings to build up. We developed a plan to offer patients flexible payment options with low interest rates – just over half the APR of a personal loan and less than a third of what can be charged by many medical lenders. 

Interested in Growing your Alternative Medical Practice?

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