Welcome Home Carolina

This real estate agent wanted a modern look that set them apart from the other agents in the area. With so many realtors working in the area, it was really important to put a new spin on a traditional design idea.

Many real estate logos rely heavily on images of keys or doors, so we decided to focus more on words. Home isn’t a physical structure, it’s a state of mind. To emphasize the warm feelings associated with being home, we built the logo design around that word and added some color to make it the centerpiece. 

The Website Design

Let’s face it: if you’ve seen one real estate website, you’ve pretty much seen them all. Our goal with this design was not to focus on the houses for sale, but to draw the viewer into the experience of home ownership. Using images of well-designed spaces and comfortable surroundings, we created a website that makes you want to kick your shoes off, slide into your favorite pair of pajamas, and relax for the rest of the night. 

Beauty without function is worthless. To build a website that produces sales for our client, we added some great tools:

  • Welcome to the Neighborhood – Each image in this section linked to a city-specific page with a short history of the area as well as a list of some of the most popular spots and events in town.
  • Fully functional IDX – IDX is the service used by real estate websites to display all current MLS information (what’s for sale, pending, square footage, etc)…. Basically, all of the info you find on Zillow. For this website, we installed and configured IDX capability complete with fully functioning search feature and search filtering. 
  • CRM integration – A good CRM is a salesperson’s best friend. It can also be a huge time waster if it doesn’t work with the contact forms on your website. We connected each of the website’s contact forms to the client’s CRM to create and autopopulate lead files with the submitted contact information. Once the new lead was created, an automatic notification email was sent to the agent so they could have the information available for immediate contact. The new lead was then automatically added to an automated email campaign to help our agent friend remain at the front of the lead’s mind.